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Meal Prep

​JVL Foods provides a healthy meal prep option for its customers once a week with pickup at Synergy Fitness in Willow Park (more gym locations being announced and added to site soon).

​We believe that life is about balance and a healthy diet is a part of that balance. These meals can be customized or ordered as they are displayed. Make the guilt of the pizza or the glass of wine less with these ready to eat healthy meals stocked in your fridge and achieve that balance.

​If you are a gym owner and would like to have us a put a fridge in your gym please contact us.

“We are proud to have Joe’s healthy meal preps in our gym and have found it to be a great benefit to our clientele!”

​​​​​​​​Aaron Wedel

​​​​​​​​Owner Synergy Fitness in

​​​​​​​​Willow Park

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